Our international manufacturing capabilities are your supply chain.

The company was established in the UK in 1967 as a manufacturer of intimates, soft furnishings and textiles, adding many other products groups over the years. In 1974 the manufacturing bases were relocated to Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Due to rising labour costs and unreliable Asian manufacturing partners, the first wholly owned Asian manufacturing base was established in the Indian state of Gujarat in 1992. Further bases were established across India, many manufacturing unique products with vertically integrated manufacturing set ups. In 1999 the Indian facilities gained accreditation from the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.

In 2010 a manufacturing alliance was established in Shenzhen, China with further manufacturing alliances established in the Guangdong province over the next decade.

Manufacturing alliances followed in Pakistan in 2012, Vietnam in 2019 and Malaysia in 2020.

Today the group has the ability to supply a vast range of products from factories across Asia at competitive prices and short lead times.

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