Student Residences

This is not a room, it’s a Residence.

Luxus Residences is transforming the student residence segment.

Located in the heart of shopping and entertainment districts the bright, modern design, eco-conscious practices is an innovative experience that resonates with today’s student. The spacious studios feature, Smart TV’s, fully equipped kitchens with full size fridge/freezer and washer/dryers that make guests feel at home.

The urban-inspired design nods to the local culture while accessible technology and innovative work spaces help maximise productivity, so residents are able to study efficiently while having space to live their lives.

With its unique culture and model, Luxus Residences recognize the different needs of longer-stay students many of whom are from overseas.

Every detail is designed to spark new ways of thinking, fuel curiosity and inspire brilliance

Luxus Residences offer guests a chance to kick back and relax for a greater university experience.

This is a smarter, better place to stay.


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